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Althalus's Journal


8 October
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Moi? what about me, I'm innocent I didn't do anything wrong and you can't prove I did!!

Anyways I'm a Mad person to be honest, but saner than most, need caffine in the morning to stop being cranky.

Atm playing lots of Larp, FNH : Iolo is a good character, but can't wait to play Althalus... but if Iolo ever is guildmaster/ guildprotector... Iolo will prolly poke for a few changes, raise the guilds image in ithron. So far 2 months till master

LT: well My 1st character is dead, but I asked for it... No I asked for it :) I was a demon we needed to defile a good shrine I said hey sacrifice me... So we did. amusing new char now one evil git incantor